The Essex Hudson Chapter of Jack & Jill is a community of mothers who have come together with the common goal of creating a positive, culturally enriching, fun and educational, network for our children.  Through our shared diverse experiences and perspectives, we will create stimulating and enriching family oriented activities that will raise the bar for our children and expand the comfort zone for both mother and child. 
At the Essex Hudson Chapter of Jack & Jill, we strive to be innovative in our thinking and progressive in our actions. We respect each other and each other's time.  As such, we commit to operating efficiently, being timely, and listening and communicating effectively.  We will work together in a team oriented manner to be supportive of each other and nurturing to the family of Essex Hudson children and ultimately create years of memorable and inspirational moments. 



2018 Essex Hudson Chapter, Jack & Jill of America, Inc.

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